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… Oppure sono solo un ciclista indeciso

Non so se è una gabbia per proteggermi dal mondo o per proteggere il mondo … Oppure sono solo un ciclista indeciso

I believe that the true role of an architect is to be public servant and not to be a decision-maker who ignores others. […] I have difficulty with anything that is predetermined. And I am really very much against the convention of using geometry. […] Effective erratic configurations are assembled in a way where every step is a completely random one. Labyrinths imply erratic space; […] Proteine space-chains are such labyrinths, and probably belongs to the most erratic configurations one can imagine, disorienting for both the maker and the spectator at the same time.

by Yona Friedman, interview, in Structures serving the unpredictable, 1999, Nai publishers

Designing a #playground in public garden : students in action today @ #icrosminiroma // prototype inspired by @yona_friedman

Thanx to @lavinia.maiorino for the very beautiful picture

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